Welcome to TuringTrader, the open-source solution for end-of-day trading. With TuringTrader, you can create and test your own investment strategies with ease and accuracy. No matter if you are a novice or an expert, TuringTrader can help you trade smarter.

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Build Bigger, Better, Faster, More

You want to build. You want to research. You want to experiment. What you need is a tool that supports you along the way, boosting your productivity, supporting your creative thinking, and adapting to your needs. Enter TuringTrader.

Be More Productive

With TuringTrader, you code your strategies in C# using beautifully clean and concise APIs. Microsoft Visual Studio provides you with all the perks modern software development should have.

Conquer Complexity

TuringTrader allows you to build complex cross-asset trading systems with ease. Complexity is reached by combining simpler systems in a hierarchy, keeping ideas localized and maintainable.

Make It Your Own

Whether you need to access specialized data feeds, create unique indicators, or customize the report format: Everything within TuringTrader can be extended and customized.

Skip the Pain

Yes, you read that right. TuringTrader let’s you focus on building and testing your ideas, and spend less time on mundane tasks. Whether you need to access the historical constituents of the S&P 500, or backfill SPY to 1970: with TuringTrader you can achieve in minutes what is hard work with other tools.

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Data is Everything

Your backtest is only as accurate as the data it is based upon. TuringTrader supports high quality data feeds including Norgate, Tiingo, Yahoo, and FRED. When that’s not enough, you can easily bring in your own data, be it from a web source, a data model, or a local CSV.

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Indicators Done Right

Indicators are at the core of technical analysis. But most often, their use is unintuitive, and riddled with limitations. Using TuringTrader’s ‘automagic’ indicators is as simple as making a function call. You can daisy-chain them, apply them to a whole universe of assets at once, and even mix and match indicators when they are running on different bar periods. TuringTrader includes a comprehensive library of standard indicators, but you can easily implement your own, if needed.

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Beautiful Reports

Reports are an essential feature to analyze, benchmark, and improve your trading strategy. TuringTrader offers beautiful report templates with many useful charts and metrics. On top of these default charts, you can easily add custom line charts, scatter plots, or tables to your report. And if you need something really special, you can create your own fully customized reports with only minimal effort.

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Multi-Threaded Optimizer

TuringTrader includes a powerful multi-threaded optimizer. With this tool, you can discover and quantify the relationship between your strategy’s parameters and its performance, and analyze the sensitivity to parameter changes. The optimizer is multi-threaded, putting all your CPU cores to good use and producing results much faster.

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Sophisticated Showcase Strategies

Getting started with a new tools can be intimidating. To shorten the learning curve, TuringTrader includes a set of fully functional strategies taken from renowned books and publications. These strategies make great boilerplates for your own development, and include many unique ideas to spark your creativity. And if you like them, you can even run them right out of the box.

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Software without documentation is useless. TuringTrader includes a quick start guide and full API documentation, explaining every aspect of the framework, including how to customize it for your individual needs.

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Production Quality

TuringTrader is not a toy. Instead, it is used day in and day out to calculate hundreds of strategies and trade millions of dollars. We are committed to keeping the tool sharp, by putting high scrutiny on the tool’s correct operation, and fixing any issues in a timely manner.

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Batteries Included

You don't need to be a geek to enjoy TuringTrader. We provide a binary version, complete with a single-click installer to get you started in no time.

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Proudly Open-Sourced

We believe in open-source software. That’s why we provide TuringTrader for free, no strings attached. Build the next incredible tool or strategy and pay it forward.

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