Home Directory Upgrade

TuringTrader uses its home directory to store all of the user-specific or customizable data. This includes data descriptors, backfills, report templates, and algorithms. There are multiple advantages of replicating this information, most importantly that users have more control over the update and upgrade process of these data.

Unfortunatly, with great power comes great responsibility. And maintaining these files can easily become a nuisance and the source of errors and unexpected malfuntions. With TuringTrader 16, we make major improvements to this process.

First, TuringTrader runs checksums across all files it installs into the home directory. When TuringTrader is updated, it will use this information to try and update these files, without risking to overwrite any changes that users might have made to these data. The rules are quite simple:

  • if a file was modified or deleted, TuringTrader won't replace this file. This way your intentional changes to the home directory will be preserved.
  • if a file matches its checksum, TuringTrader may update the file to its latest version. This way you benefit from all the updates we make.

So, your update to version 16.0 is the last time you will manually upgrade your home directory. After that one, we will take over. You can use the time saved to code your next awesome trading strategy.

Stay tuned and happy coding!