News: Meet

Almost exactly one year ago, we started the website to share our tools with the world. It’s been a fun ride, and we are enjoying software development more than ever. And while we made countless improvements to make TuringTrader more approachable, it remains to be a tool for developers and curious nerds. Until today.

With, we are aiming at a new audience: anybody interested in tactical asset allocation. The site launches with a few portfolios taken from books and publications I read in the past year. And if you paid attention, you noticed that is running the exact source code the open-source project contains here: Books & Pubs on GitHub

Now you might ask yourself if this marks the end of TuringTrader being open-source. We can assure you: Nothing could be further from the truth! First, is the perfect showcase of what the TuringTrader engine can do. Also, we expect to turbo-charge development on the open-source side. Pretty much everything we develop for flows right back into the open-source project, and the recent commits to the development branch of the repository are living proof of that. Of course we are working on merging these changes into the master branch, but this will take a few extra days.

We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do.

Happy coding!