Feature: Run Algorithms from Source

Until now, TuringTrader required a developer to compile the code to a DLL. While that still works, TuringTrader can now also run algorithms directly from the C# source code.

TuringTrader runs algorithms from source

This feature is a precursor to creating a binary distribution. The File/ Algorithm menu now also shows any C# source code found within the Algorithms folder. After clicking on the filename of a strategy in source code, TuringTrader will launch the Roslyn compiler, and create a binary in RAM. It will then use Reflection, just like with algorithms provided as DLL to instantiate the algorithm. If you are interested in the inner workings of this, have a peek at our repository.

With this feature in place, the installation of Visual Studio becomes optional. This should make it much easier to get up and running with TuringTrader, and we hope to attract new developers with this.

Happy coding!