Showcase: Aeromir's Parking Trade

To showcase TuringTrader’s capabilities, we have just added a new strategy: Aeromir’s Parking Trade. This strategy was developed by Tim Pierson and Dave Thomas, and is discussed frequently over at the Aeromir website.

TuringTrader implements Aeromir's Parking Trade

The strategy is rather simple: Every week, we sell an SPX put credit spread, and hold it, until one of the following things happen:

  • we reach or profit target
  • our stop-loss is triggered
  • it’s the spread’s last trading day

Due to the strategy’s simplicity, the [code is easy to read and understand]. However, it is complex enough to show many important concepts, and makes a great starting point for your own experiments. On February 20th, I was participating at a round table discussion with my friends at Aeromir. I presented a complete code walk-through, which is available on YouTube.

To make it even easier for novices to come up to speed, this strategy is set up to use TuringTrader’s ‘Fake Option Quotes’. This way you won’t need to purchase historical data for your first experiments. Of course you can switch to ‘real’ quotes later on.

Happy coding!