Feature: Norgate Data

Quote data are the foundation of any backtest. We are pleased to announce support for Norgate Data today, further expanding TuringTrader’s support for 3rd party data feeds.

TuringTrader supports Norgate Data

We like Norgate for the following reasons:

  • Integrated database: Unlike other feeds, which require the application to handle local data caching, Norgate features an integrated database. Thanks to integrating the database with the feed mechanism in the Norgate Data Updater tool, we no longer need to worry about database integrity.
  • Fully adjusted data: Norgate’s data are not only adjusted for splits, but also for special distributions, and cash dividends. This is crucial for technical trading, but often difficult to achieve with other data feeds.
  • History back to 1950: Depending on the subscription level, Norgate provides history back to 1950, including delisted symbols. This allows rich and meaningful backtests, and elimination of survivorship bias.

With Norgate bringing its own database, the creation of Data Source descriptors becomes much simpler than what we needed to do for CSV files. Here is an example:


As we can see, there is no need to specify the data format. All we need to specify is the instrument’s name, ticker, and symbol mapping – and set the data source to Norgate.

In addition to securities quotes, Norgate also provides a multitude of stock market and economic indicators. Whether you are looking for the number of advancing issues, or the number of stocks trading above their 50-day moving average, the number of housing starts, or the unemployment rate: it’s all there. All we need to do to use these, is to create the appropriate data source descriptors.

Further, Norgate provides sector/ industry classification for the quoted instruments, various index constituents time series, and current fundamental data. While TuringTrader does not support these data just yet, we are excited to have access to these data, and are planning to make them available in the very near future. Stay tuned!